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Job Posting: Mental Health Coordinator
Aug 19, 2021

Job Title: Mental Health Coordinator

Overview: To develop, uphold, and deliver the highest standards of mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse treatment to the members of the Montana Professional Firefighters. To deliver these services to Montana’s first responders with precise attention to detail, pride, compassion, trust, commitment, and anonymity.

Hours: This position initially will have many hours. Once the position is developed more thoroughly, the position will require 1-2 hours per week. The coordinator will be expected to travel occasionally for trainings, annual convention and possibly to assist members and their locals.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Report to the President, Vice President, and the appropriate District Representative regarding any member issues.
  • Build, develop, and implement a comprehensive behavioral health program.
  • Be the liaison with member departments to assist with developing their own local programs when requested.
  • Develop SOPs / SOGs for a customized structure that will best fit the needs of that City / Department. These will set a standard of expectations and be the backbone for the success of this group. They will also be a reference at times of dispute when emotions may be close to the surface. These will be a work in progress and will be adaptable as more information and resources are made available.
  • Develop and maintain a good working relationship and open communication with the board, the IAFF Center of Excellence, State of Montana DPHHS, and Locals.
  • Ensure that when a member is in crisis, they are given the proper resources that are needed, communication is maintained, and they are followed up with before, during, and after the event and or rehabilitation.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Board and Vice President.

Preferred experience:

  • Good communication skills- verbal and written
  • A basic understanding of Montana laws regarding health insurance policies.
  • A good understanding of the MSFA/MSCOPFF memberships Insurance Policy and its benefits.
  • Experience in mental health, peer support trainings, and resiliency trainings through the IAFF.


  • Develop and coordinate mental health, peer support, and resiliency trainings across Montana.
  • Ensuring that there are trained members across the state that know what to look for within our member departments.


  • Ensure Employee Assistance Programs are available within the Local’s area.
  • Establish financial support through the MSCOPFF, MSFA, State of Montana, municipalities, locals, and potential grant funding.
  • Assist in verifying member eligibility for programs including identification, health insurance information, and coordinating the logistics for admittance into a rehabilitation program.


  • A stipend of no less than $100 per month will be paid during the term of the office. ($200/ month is a standard for other appointed positions).
  • A $100/ month phone reimbursement will be paid to compensate for the use of a personal phone.
  • All travel, training and meetings approved by the Executive Board will be reimbursed for mileage, per diem, room, and other expenses the same as other Executive Board members as outlined in the MSFA C&BL. A Travel/ Training request form is available on the website.


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