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 CONVENTION June 10-12, 2024


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Montana State Firefighter's Association

Welcome to the Montana State Firefighter’s Association

The Montana State Firefighter's Association (MSFA) provides a group life insurance policy to all full- and part- paid firefighters in the state who are members of the Firefighter's Unified Retirement System (FURS). The Association elects an Executive Board consisting of a President, Vice President and Secretary/ Treasurer. The Association also elects a Pension Advisory Board whose members attend the meetings of the Public Employee's Retirement Board and act as advisors to that board on issues relating to the firefighters' pension system. The MSFA appoints a Political Director and Advisor that are responsible for lobbying efforts on behalf of the membership.

The Montana State Firefighter’s Association (MSFA) was formed in 1889. A mere 6 years later, on January 15, 1895, a great tragedy occurred when an explosion rocked the town of butte Montana, killing all but one of its firefighters. At that time, there were no benefits provided to the families of the firefighters that perished, including simple burial costs. Donation monies were collected across Montana to give these brave men their final resting places.

The MSFA began a statewide effort to create the means to care for its own. Historically, each department belonging to the MSFA paid dues voluntarily. Years later, a relief association was also created to provide retirement benefits to the members. In 1981 a state pension system was created for the firefighters, replacing the relief association.

Today, the MSFA has an executive board with a president, vice president, secretary/ treasurer and 5 district representatives. While most of the members belong to their local and international union (IAFF), the MSFA is not a union-specific organization. It represents all full-paid and part-paid firefighters in the state of Montana that are in the firefighters unified retirement system (furs), including chiefs. The MSFA is not to be confused with the Montana State Council of Professional Firefighters (MSCOPFF). The MSCOPFF represents the union members of the MSFA.

The firefighters in the FURS retirement system were also tied directly to the MSFA in state law in 1981 under the Montana MCA 19-13-601. 19-13-601. Deduction remitted to firemen's association -- member's contribution, MCA ( . 1% of each firefighter’s base pay is remitted to the MSFA secretary/ treasurer’s office, which provides a robust life insurance policy as well as many other benefits.

The MSFA and its members own a house in Helena Montana across the street from the capitol building. This 8-bedroom, 3-bath house serves as a living space for its lobbyists during legislative session and is available for MSFA members and their families to stay at during the off-season.

Helena house location- 200 n. Montana Ave. Helena, MT 59601

The MSFA and the MSCOPFF share a website at All information for the MSFA can be found under the “MSFA” tab on the website. Please visit our website for more information about our organization and contact information for your representative.

Any questions or inquiries can be directed to:

Montana State Firefighter's Association

C/O Kelly Lee Sec/Treas

P.O. Box 3384

Butte, MT 59702

(406)490-8444 (Cell)

MPERA Board Meetings

100 N. Park Ave, Helena, MT


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Use this form to update your info to ensure your benefits are paid to the correct person! Address changed? Update it here. Divorced, married, whatever? Update it here. New kiddo on the way? Update it here. Mail your completed form to MSFA Life Insurance Coordinator PO Box 4761 Missoula, MT 59806-4761 @media only screen and (max-width: 730px){ .pdfview{height:500px .
Insurance Information/Coverage for Montana State Firemen's Asssociation Members Any MSFA member who changes marital status may wish to check his/her listed beneficiaries for the following coverage (where applicable). PLEASE NOTE: The enrollment form has been updated as of January 6, 2022. Please fill out the form and submit to: MSFA Life Insurance Coordinator PO Box 4761 Missoula, MT 59806 or email to:
Download: Standard Life Insurance Contract.pdf , Standard Life Insurance Form.pdf
Information and Contacts The Montana State Firemen's Association - Honor Guard is available to participate in special events or funerals for all past and present members. Requests can be made by contacting your regional represantive or through the Montana State Firemen's Association executive officers or pension boards. If you have any questions please contact us and we will help you.
Executive Officers and Appointed Staff
The Montana State Firemen's Association is made up of all fire fighters in the state who are members of the Firefighter's Unified Retirement System (FURS). 27 municipalities or rural fire districts employ firefighters who are members of FURS. New hires (after July 1, 2002) working as fire fighters at the Great Falls Airport are also members.
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